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How to Download Audio From Messenger on Mobile and PC

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In Messenger, it's easy to download and save videos to your phone or computer. Sadly, it isn't the same for audio or voice messages. Should you find yourself wanting to download an audio clip or voice recording, you cannot simply right-click or long-press the audio and then hit save. At this point, it may seem hopeless to insist on downloading audio messages from the popular Facebook messaging app. Still, it's not yet time for you to give up.

If you really want to download audio from Facebook Messenger, all you need is to follow the steps below. It won't even matter if you're on your phone, PC, or laptop.

How to download voice clips from Facebook Messenger

How to download voice clips from Facebook Messenger

Is It Possible to Download Audio (Voice Messages) From Messenger?

Yes, it is possible. It may seem like Facebook only allows users to download photos and videos, but you can also do the same with audio recordings and voice messages. You do need to note that the option for downloading audio from Messenger is quite hidden. It won't show up by simply long-pressing the audio recording on the app. There's also no option to save audio with Messenger for Web. So would you exactly do it? You'll eventually find out as you read on. And no, you don't need to use any third-party app to make this happen.


How to Download Audio From Messenger on Mobile

If you're on the Messenger app, here's how you can download and save audio clips and voice recordings to your phone's gallery or local folder:

  1. First things first, switch to mobile data and don't use Wi-Fi. Otherwise, this trick won't work.
  2. Skip the Messenger app and open your mobile browser instead.
  3. Type "" on your mobile browser's address bar and then load. Log in using your username and password.
  4. Once you're logged in, tap the "Messages" tab on the top navigation right below the search box.
  5. Open the message with the audio clip you want to download.
  6. The audio clip should look like a link with a .mp4 at the end part of the link name. Click that link.
  7. Note that downloading the audio will consume data. To proceed, simply click the download option and wait until it's finished. Once the download is finished, you can locate the audio file in MP4 format in your browser's download manager. You may then listen to the audio file in the same manner as listening to any song or voice recording on your phone.
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How to Download Audio From Messenger on PC

If you're on PC, you can download audio from Messenger in just five easy steps:

  1. Open your web browser and then type It should load the mobile version of Facebook on your web browser.
  2. Click the chat or Messenger icon at the top-right corner.
  3. Select the message with the audio clip or voice recording that you want to download. Click the three dots next to the audio clip and select "Download."
  4. Select the folder where you want to save the audio and click "Save."
  5. Wait for the download to finish. Once finished, the audio file will be stored in your local folder as MP4. You may then listen to it using any media player app or software. It's that simple.
Here's how to download audio from Messenger on PC

Here's how to download audio from Messenger on PC

Advantages of Downloading Audio From Messenger

By downloading audio from Messenger into your phone or computer, you can listen to it anytime, even while you're offline. Since the saved audio file is in MP4 format, you can do whatever you want with it. You can use it as an audio background in your video or remix it to create a new song. You can also share the file outside Facebook. Just be mindful of using audio clips, especially those with copyright restrictions.

Another advantage of downloading audio from Messenger is that you can save it as proof, so if ever the sender retracts the clip, you still have a copy of it.

Can You Unsend a Voice Recording on Messenger?

If ever you want to retract or recall a voice clip on Messenger, you can do so in the same manner as unsending text messages. Just long-press the audio clip to display the message options, then select "Unsend." If you want to remove the audio clip permanently from you and your recipient's chat history, make sure to tap the option that says "Unsend for everyone."

Key Takeaway

When it comes to downloading audio from Messenger, there's no need to do complicated things like installing another software or app. Once you get yourself familiar with the trick for downloading audio, it won't even take long for you to get it done. It's a simple yet extremely helpful trick, especially if you are someone who badly needs to get that audio clip saved offline.

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